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     Demolish Jack Hammer For             Breaking Piles & Asphalt

Demolish jack hammer,  Saxon brand Air jack Hammer are connected to screw air compressor via 3/4 inch hose, 6 bar pressure, 60 cfm needed to make our demolish jack Hammer start operating.  Our demolishing jack hammer are made in UK, robust & durable and served in many construction sites.  Demolish jack hammer are used in construction sites mainly to break piles with its robust material such as chisel and hammering piston it last for long time.  Our jack hammer available at Modena Machinery Trading LLC in Dubai.

Air Demolish Jack Hammer
  • Saxon  Demolish Jack Hammer

  • UK Make

  • Different sizes 10KG-40KG

  • 1250 Blow Per Minute

  • Durable Product.

  • 7 Bar Pressure

  • 60 CFM

Air Scabblers
  • Saxon Scabbler

  • UK Make

  • 3 head-1 Head

  • 22 mm Working Width

  • 6 bar Pressure 5 CFM Needed 

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