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Modena Machinery Trading LLC is one of the leading companies in servicing construction machines. Our staff been in construction machines servicing field for many years in the United Arab Emirates.

​Contractors depend on us to service the machines accurately on time.  We do have very good reputation in the market, for good and fast service.  We have Large stock of spare parts, plus a system that keeps track of the stock, in order to avoid shortage. 


Our fleet consists of five pickups that go around construction sites for servicing our construction equipment in order to save the customers the headache and time, plus eight technicians and an engineer just for servicing machines.  If you wish to service your machines such as, steel bar bender, concrete vibrators, asphalt cutting machine, block cutting machines, marble cutting machines, steel bar cutting machine; we are the one to choose. 

   Our services include the following:

  • Breakdowns & site support.

  • Scheduled Repair & Maintenance.

  • Periodic technical inspection of equipment on fixed agreed charges.

  • Operation & Maintenance trainings.

  • Technical trainings on pre agreed charges.

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