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     DIESEL GENERATORS High Quality Powered by                 Perkins Engine & Palme Light Towers

Diesel Generators are used widely in certain countries where power shortage needs to be compensated.  Construction sites, farms, homes, factories, gas stations & schools all of these examples where Diesel Generators needed.  Generators can be from 5 kva to 2000 kva according to customer request, Our diesel generators use stamford & leroysomer alternator & deepsea control system  Light-towers are used to enlighten certain area like construction sites in order to help worker complete their jobs at night. Light towers can be powered by Kubota engine, Lombardini engine & Yanmar.   Halide lamp are  very Durable, can serve for many thousand hours. Our diesel generators equipped with sensors to keep the diesel generator safe, oil pressure, temperature, over voltage, under voltage. Our diesel generators one of best in the market.

N-Mak Diesel Generator
  • N-mak Diesel Generators.

  • European Make.

  • Perkins Or Cummins Engine.

  • 20-2000 KVA Sizes.

  • Variety Of Reputed Control System.

  • High Temperature protection.

  • Water level protection.

  • Low Oil level protection.

  • Low Voltage protection.

  • Low rpm or High Rpm Protection.

  • Durable Product.

Palme Light Tower Modern Machinery Trading LLC

  • PALME Light Tower

  • Lombardini Engine 3 Cylinder.

  • Top Filling Fuel Tank.

  • 9 Meters Mast.

  • Italian Alternator. 10 KVA

  • External Power Outputs.

  • 1000 Watt 4 Bulbs

  • Durable Product.

ANTRAC Gasoline Generator Modern Machinery Trading LLC

Antrac ANT GEN diesel generator series provide low fuel consumption, high quality and durability together.  There are more options available like rope start, electric start, silent cabin and without cabin

  • Yanmar Engine.

  • Electric Starter

  • Monophase / Three-phase

  • 50 HZ

  • Without cabinet

  • 5.5 KW

Antrac 10KVA Diesel Generator Modern Machinery Trading LLC

Antrac AK series have Antor diesel engines manufactured by Anadolu Motor in Turkey.  Product range is between 7.5 kVA and 10 kVA with monophase and triphase options for your all requirements.

  • Antor 4LD640

  • Recoil / Electric Starter

  • Three-phase

  • 50 Hz

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