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  Floor Screed Pump Plastering  Machine For Maintenance Work

Floor screed pumps are used to shift screed to vertical heights or to horizontal distance.  Screed is blended of cement, sand additives that makes the floor ready to receive tiles.  Screed pumps makes the job easier shifting big quantities of screed further distance. Complex construction where shifting of material is tough, screed pump makes it easy to accomplish the job in short time without big effort.  We provide the best screed pump & best service so the job can go smooth & get accomplished.

Floor Screed Pump
  • Floor Screed Pump.

  • Powered By Deutz Engine 4 Cylinder.

  • Mixer Can Rotate Both Ways.

  • Service Free Mixer Blades.

  • Can Deliver Screed & Fine Concrete.

  • Can Work In High Environment Temperature.

  • Built In Atlas Copco Compressor.

  • Built In Sensor To stop Air Once Mixer Discharged.

  • Can Deliver Material to High Buildings.

Plaster Machine
  •   Plaster Machine.

  • Ac Power 380 Volts.

  • 5.5 Kw Pump Motor

  • Loading Motor .55 KW.

  • Water Pump Motor .55 KW. 

  • Maximum Grain Size 3mm.

  • Hooper 150 Liters.

  • Working Pressure 30 Bar.

Mortar Worm Pump
  •   Mortar Pump Screw Type.

  • Electric Or Diesel.

  • Mixer Vibrator .18KW.

  • Spraying Capacity 45 Liter/min.

  • Maximum Grain Size 6mm.

  • Hooper Capacity 212 Liters.

  • Working Pressure 30 Bar.

  • Filling Height 1100mm.

Stationary Concrete Pump
  •  Concrete Pump Diesel Or Electric.

  • Comes In Different Sizes 6 Cubic Meter to 70 Cubic Meter.

  • Diesel Engine Deutz.

  • Grain Size 32mm Maximum.

  • Maximum Pressure 106 Bar.

  • Hooper Capacity 250 Liters.

  • Filling Height 1100mm.

  • Delivery Type S Valve.

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