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Modena Machinery Trading LLC, based in Dubai, provide the best asphalt & concrete cutting solutions.  Our Asphalt cutting machines & concrete cutting machines range from Italian Breaker brand to Palme Turkish brand.  Cutting Depth range from 15cm to 22cm in our asphalt cutting machines & concrete cutting machines.  Our machines proven its durability at construction sites in Dubai, UAE & Abu Dhabi.  Our main goal to supply the best quality Asphalt cutting machines for the lowest price customers can get, matching quality and price is not an easy task.

Breaker aspahlt cutting machine
  • Breaker Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Machine.

  • Italian Make.

  • Lombardini 2 Cylinder Engine.

  • Self Start. 

  • 600 mm Disk Size.

  • 50 liter Water Tank.

  • Max Cutting Depth 210mm.

  • CE Certified




Breaker Concrete Cutter & Asphalt Cutting Machine
  • Breaker Asphalt Cutter Gasoline Engine.

  • Italian Make.

  • Subaru Engine EX-17 7HP Engine.

  • Recoil Start.

  • Max Blade Size 350.

  • 28 liter Water Tank

  • Max Cutting Depth 130 mm.

  • Cutting Gauge Hand wheel operated.

  • Weight 63 KG.

  • CE Certified

Palme Asphalt Cutting Machine
  • Palme  Asphalt Cutter Gasoline Engine.

  • Turkish Make.

  • Subaru Engine 17HP Engine.

  • Recoil Start.

  • Blade Size 300-450mm.

  • 40 liter Water Tank

  • Max Cutting Depth 150 mm.

  • Cutting Gauge Hand wheel operated.

  • Weight 152 KG.

  • CE Certified

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